2014 Maintenance Stream Theme Announced: Asset Management & Reliability

Accurate and efficient maintenance supports success — that’s a given. But it’s only part of the solution. What’s required is a maintenance optimization strategy that co-ordinates reliability, safety and performance know-how with financial and managerial skills, while driving home measurable improvement and savings. This year’s Partners in Training theme — Asset Management & Reliability — will explore shifts in thinking and highlight the practical implementation of maintenance solutions, as well as offer takeaways that conform to the overall corporate strategy.

Solution-based, educational presentations will focus on key knowledge areas, including:
  • change management
  • integrated maintenance strategies
  • analytics and
  • risk
Partners in Training brings together industry leaders who are selected for their hands-on expertise. Our events offer excellent networking opportunities to discuss case studies, research and practical tools for every maintenance and reliability practitioner.

Custom workshops
Enrich your event experience by attending a customized workshop. Presented by respected reliability and maintenance authorities, these specialized training days allow you to learn one-on-one from the experts. Be sure to check out the "custom training" tab and make note of the early bird deadlines.

Doc Palmer comments on successful shutdown maintenance planning

The PIT event in Sudbury, Ont., September 24, provided take-away advice about shutdowns and turnarounds aimed at maintenance professionals looking to improve planning, technology use and safety techniques.

Richard (Doc) Palmer, author of the Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook, offered insights into how using planning — to co-ordinate the needs and demands within the maintenance department — can dramatically increase crew productivity. Palmer explained why planning makes a difference in routine maintenance and then applied these principles to plant outages.

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