Day 1 & 2

Planning & Scheduling with Doc Palmer

Maintenance planning and scheduling should dramatically improve the productivity of maintenance. Created by the author of McGraw-Hill's Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook, Doc Palmer, the course reviews the fundamentals and then provides class exercises to illustrate the principles and techniques to achieve success. This Planner/Scheduler course not only covers the theory and vision, but the nuts and bolts of how planning and scheduling work.

The second part to establishing the planning function involves the practical application of these skills in each organization. Throughout the event, the course encourages the thoughtful development of planning and scheduling activities within your own facility by your team. This course allows class participants to take specific practices home to their own organizations to implement a new planning organization or dramatically improve an existing one.
  • Introduction
  • The Business Case for Planning and Scheduling
  • Principles and Concepts of Effective Planning
  • Principles and Concepts of Effective Scheduling
  • Handling Reactive Maintenance
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System
  • Quality versus Productivity
  • Empowerment Concerns of First Level Supervision
  • Integrating Proactive Maintenance Activities: Preventive, Predictive, Projects
  • Integration of Planning within other Aspects of Plant Operation
  • The Work Order System and Effective Workflow
  • Planning Exercise
  • Scheduling Exercise
  • Materials Management Interaction including Staging or Kitting
  • Measuring Work and Performance – Metrics and Key Performance Indicators
  • Selecting Planners
  • Establishing and Mining Equipment History
  • Shutdown Planning
  • Conclusion
  • Barriers and Aids Analysis to Establish and Maintain Effective Planning and Scheduling







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